Gamak, coming from the South Indian term for melodic ornamentation gamaka, signifies universal sense of how one can approach melody as both composer and improviser. The music put forth incorporates Western forms of jazz, progressive rock, heavy metal, country, American folk, go-go, and ambient while simultaneously engaging the rich traditions of Indian, Chinese, African, and Indonesian music. The end result is music that defies category, music that very much fits with the times in which we live.

Rudresh has regrouped with longtime partners and friends François Moutin and Dan Weiss with whom he has not recorded since the 2006 release codebook. As fellow members of Jack DeJohnette’s band, he’s been privileged to develop a wonderful musical relationship with the ever-inventive David Fiuczynski. Most of this music was written with him in mind and he breathes new life into the sound of Rudresh’s new quartet.

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