Providing the counterpoint to Mahanthappa are two outstanding European musicians. Drummer Chander Sardjoe is Indo-Dutch, and that duality has stimulated exhaustive study of both Western and South Indian traditions, creating a tour de force of colour and fluency in this rarified rhythmic environment. Irish bassist Ronan Guilfoyle, another well versed in the subtle complexities of Indian classical music, sounds very at home with his counterparts, and equally responsive to the universe of rhythmic possibility that opens up when this trio cuts loose.

"Imagine a combination of the souk, the bazaar, the circus and the ashram, and add a mathematician's concern for precision, and the sensual detail of Indian dance. Overlay it all with something of Bird's headlong, virtuosic imagination and a touch of Ornette's open, permeable approach to structure, and the result suggests an approximation of Mahanthappa's – and the group's – particular chemistry."

– The Irish Times

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